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WBCHSE HS English Suggestion 2022 – উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2022

HS English suggestion 2022, Get West Bengal Higher Secondary English suggestion 2022. West Bengal Council of Higher secondary English prose and poetry suggestion reduce syllabus 2022 that are very important for upcoming Higher Secondary English Exam. You can easily download the full suggesion WBCHSE HS English Suggestion 2022 PDF. And before Test Exam another last minute suggesion is coming (only 20 – 30 questions full syllabus) All


HS English Suggestion 2022 Prose


Strong Roots – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


1.Describe the house in which Kalam spent his childhood. Who were his parents and what kind of childhood did they create for boy Kalam?
2.What did Kalam’s father tell him about the relevance of prayers? [By EK24 News]
3.What did Kalam recall about his father’s daily routine when his father was in his late sixties?
4.Who was Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry ? How was the relation between P.L. Sastry and Kalam’s father ? What did the relationship signify ?

5.”Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection”-Who said this and to whom ? How did the speaker’s attitude to adversity influenced the person spoken to?
6. “I have, throughout my life, tried to emulate my father” – who said this? In which field did the speaker try to emulate his father? What was revealed to him by his father? What did he feels convinced of about emulating his father?
7. How does Kalam recount his father’s daily routine?
HS English Suggestion 2022

EK24 News

8. How does Kalam remember his mother in Strong Roots?
9. Describe the locality where Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam lived in his childhood.
10. When troubles come. try to understand the relevance of your sufferings. Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection”- who said this to whom? How did his father’s attitude to adversity influence Kalam?


উচ্চ মাধ্যমিকের খাতায় এইসব লিখলে সাথে সাথে বাতিল হয়ে যাবে পরীক্ষার খাতা।

The Eyes Have It

1.Discuss in brief the significance of the title of the story | The Eyes Havelt
2.”The voice had the sparkle of a mountain stream” – Who said this? Whose voice is referred to here? Why did the voice become so splendid to the speaker?
3.”Few girls can resist flattery” Whose observation is this? What did he do based on this observation? What was the reaction of the girl to his action? [By Ek24 News HS English Suggestion 2022]

4.“The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie”—Who is the speaker ? What was the reverie ? How did the man break the reveric of the speaker?
5. “She would forget our brief encounter”- who said and whom? What is the brief encounter referred here? Why did the speaker think so?
HS English Suggestion 2022


6. How did the narrator and the girl recall their memory about the scenic beauty of mussoorie?
7. She has beautiful eyes. but they were of no use to her”- whose eyes are mentioned here? Why were the eyes useless to her? Bring out the irony of the situation?

Three Questions – Leo Tolstoy

1. What were the three questions to which the Tsar got different answers? Why did he need correct answers to those questions? What did he do when he was not satisfied with the answers of the learned men? (HS English Suggestion 2022)
2.Why did the Tsar go to the hermit ? Why did he go there in disguise? What was the hermit doing when Tsar met him?
3. What are the hermit’s answer to the three questions of the Tsar ? Which answer do you like most and why? [By Ek24 News}
4.How did the enemy of the king become friend with the king in Leo Tolstoy’s “Three Questions’?
5. What is the moral of the story? (HS English Suggestion 2022)


6. Why did the Tsar Help the hermit to dig? [By Ek24 News]
7. What were the three Questions of the Tsar? What were the answers of these questions according to the scholars? HS English Suggestion 2022
8. How did the enemy of the king become friends with the king?
9. “You have already been answered”- who said this? How has the Tsar already been answered? HS English Suggestion 2022
10. “Here comes someone running”- who is the speaker? Who was coming? Why did he come running? What happened to him?

Thank You Ma’am – Langston Hughes (Not In Reduced Syllabus)

1.Justify the title of the short story “Thank You Ma’am’.
2. How did the lady catch hold of the boy trying to snatch her purse? How did she bring him home?
3.“Eat some more, son”-Who is the speaker ? What is offered by the speaker to the listener ? What picture of the speaker’s character is revealed in this line?
4.Describe the character of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.
5.Briefly narrate the picture of the social and economic condition of the people revealed in the story, ‘Thank You Ma’am’
HS English Suggestion 2022


WBCHSE HS English Suggestion 2022 Poetry

Shall I Compare Thee – William Shakespeare

1.How does Shakespeare compare his friends beauty with that of a summer’s day ?
2.“….. and this gives life to thee.” Where does the expression of the extract occur ?
What does this’ refer to ? Who is referred to by ‘thee’? How does ‘this’ give life?
3.How does Shakespeare immortalize his friend’s beauty?


Asleep in the Valley – Arthur Rimbaud

1.How does the poet express the futility of war through his poem “Asleep in the Valley’? What message does he want to convey?
2.Justify the title of the poem, “Asleep in the Valley’ ?
3.“In his side there are two red holes.” Who is the person referred to here ? What do the ‘two red holes’ signify ? What attitude of the poet to war is reflected here ?
HS English Suggestion 2022

The Poetry of Earth – John Keats 


1. Write the substance of the poem ‘The Poetry of Earth.’
2.How does the poet establish continuity of music of earth through the year?
3.”A voice will run”- Where does the line occur ? Whose voice is referred to here? When will the voice run ? HS English Suggestion 2022

On Killing a Tree – Gieve Patel (Not In Reduced Sylabus)

1.Write the substance of the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.
2.Justify the appropriateness of the title of the poem, ‘On Killing a Tree.’
3.“And then it is done”—What is done ? When is ‘it done ? How is ‘it’ done .


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