WBBSE Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022 PDF Download – মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2022 PDF

WBBSE Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022 PDF on Reduced Sylabus – মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2022 PDF


Topics : WBBSE Madhyamik English suggestion 2022, Get West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education Madhyamik English suggestion 2022. West Bengal Madhyamik English prose and poetry suggestion reduce syllabus 2022 You can easily download the full suggesion WBBSE Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022 PDF by EK24 News English Suggestion 2022 PDF. And before Test Exam another last minute suggesion is coming (only 20 – 30 questions full syllabus)


Madhyamik 2022 English Syllabus & Important Topics

Four prose
1. Father’s Help
2. The Passing Away of Bapu
3. Our Runaway Kite
4. The Cat

Four Poems
1. Fable
2. My Own True family.
3. Sea Fever
4. The Snail

Writing Section:
Paragraph, Report, Letter, Notice, Processing,
Biography, Story, Dialogue, Summary

Grammar Section

Article, preposition, tenses, phrasal verbs, joining sentences, splitting sentences, voice change, narration, Exclamatory Sentence with Example in Details, {(www.ek24.in)} Optative Sentence with Example in Details, Interrogative Sentence with Example [All Imperative Sentence with Example and Detail Assertive Sentence with Example in English. Transformation of sentences [degree change, simple-compound-complex, change in part of speech, the transformation of types of sentences, assertive, interrogative, optative, exclamatory. Turn into simple/complex/single/ interrogative/negative sentence, Degree change/Too-to/ None-but/ No…sooner-than., Phrasal verb , Synonyms from unseen passage, Phrasal verb ( Phrasal verb) {(www.ek24.in)}


Question Pattern

1X5-5, 1X3-3, 2X2-4
Poem: 1X4-4, 2X2-4
Unseen: 1X6-6, 1X6-6, 2X4-8

Writing: 10X3-30
Marks Distribution The total number of marks for the English subject is 100. But those marks have been divided into two parts: as written (90) and project (10).

Written section
20 marks are for Seen
20 marks are for Unseen.
20 marks are for grammar.
30 marks are for writing.

WBBSE Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022

Paragraph Writing

1. Advantage and disadvantage of social media
2. Importance of early rising
3. Save drinking water
4. Your favorite person Click here
5. Black jungles Click here
6. Your last day at school {(www.ek24.in)}
7. Discipline in student life
8. Merits and demerits of online education
9. Covid Situation
10. Your Favorite Book / A Book You Have Recently Read {(www.ek24.in)}

Notice and Report Writing

1. Bus/Train/ accident/Fire/Robbery
2. Celebration/Programme report
3. The super cyclone (Yass)
1. Super Cyclone Relief Fund  as  School Captain {(www.ek24.in)}
2. Relief for flood the cyclone Yass affected.
3. Debate competition Click here
4. Pogramme Celebration Function
5. Corona virus dengue/malaria prevention camp.
6. Free health eye check-up camp

Letter Writing
1. Write a letter to your friend advising him not to be addicted to online games. To your brother advising him to read English newspaper.
2. Letter to the head of your institution to arrange special classes Prayer for permission to organize a cultural programme {(www.ek24.in)}
3. To your friend about your experience of lockdown.
4. To your friend in abroad inform him about COVID 19 / Virul Fever Prevention of your area
5. To be warned in the Covid-19 pandemic situation
6. Loudspeaker – (Editorial)

Processing Writing
1. How the sanitizer is made .
2. The processing of Homa made mask {(www.ek24.in)}
3. Sending a message from a mobile phone
4. Preparation of Phenyl {(www.ek24.in)}
5. How to install and open a Google Meet/ Classroom account

Biography Writing
1. Shankha Ghosh
2. P .V. Sindhu
3. Soumitra Chatterjee
4. Pranab Mukherjee
5. Milkha Singh

Story Writing

1. The monkey and the cap seller
2. A clever judge
3. A lion and a little rabbit
4. A sailor-lost way in storm-struggle in water-thrown on an island at day break-hungry and thirsty-sees coconut trees-unable to climb-finds monkeys on treetops-throws stones-monkey imitate-throw coconut at him-gets both food and drink.
5. A famous scientist—wanted to celebrate his birthday —No guests turned up—scientist worried—noticed undistributed invitation cards in the drawer— understood his mistake—blamed himself.

Dialogue Writing (Sample for Practice)
1. Between two friends about the advantages and disadvantage of lockdown
2. Dialogue between two persons about the high price of essential commodities.
3. Student and teacher about learning English or spoken English. {(www.ek24.in)}
4. Conversation between two friends about online games addiction
5. Conversation Between two friends about advantage and disadvantage about social media.
6. Conversation Between two friends about online class.

Summary Writing
Practice from the question bank or test paper.

Lets Practice Some Questions Now :

Phrasal verb Phrasal verb
Bear Away—
Bear With—
Break Down–
Break Into–
Break Out—
Break Up—

Voice Change
1.  Flood has damaged many buildings.
2.  Let the door be shut.
3.  I know the man personally.
4.  Please keep silence in the classroom.
5.  The teacher gave me an exercise book.
6.  I am writing a letter.
7.  I received a phone call.
8.  We call the tiger our national animal.
9.  Someone wrote this letter in the nineteenth century.

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