Mahananda: Arindam Sil on Mahasweta Devi film

Mahasweta Devi’s life was like a river. Between the continuous ebb and flow, it negotiated boulders, cut through sharp stones and made them mellow, while at the same time rejuvenated those who came in contact with her. Hence to make a film on her life is no easy task. But filmmaker Arindam Sil has done just that. Arindam is known for making successful cutting-edge thrillers. So why a film like Mahananda? I am a politically and socially aware human being. Even in my films, though most of them are thrillers, I have tried to cater to the socio-political aspect of that period. Therefore, my thrillers are not just whodunnits. In the film, Mahasweta Devi is named Mahananda. Arindam Sil has tried to bring out the essence of Mahasweta through a so-called impractical, eccentric, volatile, unpredictable human being. The film is not a biopic. I wanted to get inspired by her works and create something that will inspire the next generation, he says.

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